November 26, 2005

democracy in hk

although i'm still lost in job hunting, i'm very clear on my view to democracy.

our government always say stability is over everything including the demand of democracy which follows the tone of central government. but from the history mentioned by 古德明, the stability was only highlighted when ming dynasty's eunuches was ruling actually. and central government is stable now? no, many farmers and villagers and even town people are in riot when government are concentrated on stability and people are put into jails.

and over government say they will take governance at high priority with professionals (but not chosen by public). but how good is it? it's bad. even democratic bosnia is doing much faster than us to stand the first statue of our celebrity, bruce lee, earlier than us (ref from abc news) around the world. but our "good" hk government have rejected that idea for long time even the one shown in avenue of stars is not supported by the government.

some people always want our catholic bishop joseph zin to stop asking people to parade for democracy on dec 4. but he did say a thing i agree very much. people should not disgard present life by chasing future. some may ask why the pope are not chosen by catholic believers. but they don't know the catholic society and the pope should be chosen by god.

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