November 14, 2005

interview @ unisys

i think this is the first time for me to go to chai wan area since i was born. around an hour trip from home mtr picked me to the last station of the island line and i took a minibus just oustside. in very short time i was at the door of the building.

not like the normal office, u need to sign up for passing the gate to the lift lobby. and there will be a person to press the floor you want to go. what a waste of resources. the application form provided is not localized and u can fill in military service if u had! the team head instead of hr interviewed me. he talked he was hiring people for supporting workstations for tellers. so the job will get overtime two to three days per week especially at the weekend. for the second interview (if it happends, it will be done by hr, strange?) but maybe it's useless that he told so much because i still cannot make poeple think i have the passion to work even i tried. maybe steve said right that i should not so long for the last job. i think it's time for me to give up?

nearby it's the bus terminus just under a private estate and next to the stadium. so i took the cross-harbour bus. the bus driver is good for the elderly but not for his driving skill. i'm interested in a pair of ladies. one should be mom and she didn't wear what she should at her age range. her daughter has make-up on her face making her so white. the young one talked about the model business from chai wan, eastern corridor, cross-harbour tunnel until they left at mongkok. she also got a phone call to get a photo shoot tomorrow for a newspaper agency. but when i took back i was thinking how old she is. even she's talking about someone always be a bikini or bathing model. and i think her mother affected her a lot on becoming a model.

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