November 22, 2005

two telecom news in hk

first one is 13 operators from satellites, mobile sevice providers, to fixline telephone companies disagree the plan provided by the authority on the period of licensing for broadband wireless access (bwa). but the authority seems to ignore their complaint.

for the future of bwa in hong kong, since here is small, it can replace nearly very telecom services provided in different formats by now. but providers paid a lot of money to develop existing network and got the permits (like 3G) to operate the service. we must know new technology is coming and we must face it. i hope they one way slowdown the deployment of bwa (but not too late that affects customers benefits) and find a good way to adopt bwa asap (at least we don't need to more an expensive client to support 3G, 4G, and wifi whatsoever). and i hope i work in the companies can catch the chance to develop (like cti in the past - it doesn't disagree but it's losing money)

second is astri co-operates with wavecom to improve manufacturers' technique in pearl delta region.

it's hard to say how much this can help the manufacturers. some of them may already own better technologies (like zte) and there are research teams which have some well-known technologies (like cityu hk's ee). those mid-end have thier own team to build products and sold them in big names (ge etc). wavecom can only help those low-end oem factories to upgrade but they should be elimated by the market. and any good output from this co-operation will only contribute to wavecom. patents, designs... we can hardly get anything from wavecom.

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