November 13, 2005

neil armstrong

we are gonna welcome our motherland astronauts to our land, i just found something on cbs' 60 minutes new for the first man on the moon when i search for prince of wales stuff.

he finally agreed to get interviewed and talked about the stuff about space (maybe this can stop some people to use it as an excuse for yelling they hadn't gone to the moon) probably for his first authorised autobiography, first man.

but what i focus is how he has the gut to be an astronaut. he got pilots license at 16 but not drive license. he was a flighter pilot at korean war, and a hotshot test pilot to test x-15. but he lost her daugter as the same year to be an astronaut and he's strong enough to concentrate on his work. he nearly lost his life three times during the period for serving nasa. but just after the failure of the experimental device for landing moon, he went back to his office to finish the paperwork!

so if you know any people who have the same gut, make him to be an astronaut!

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