November 19, 2005

bird migration

from the news, we can found birds are becoming lazy to fly over the continents for warmer places in winter maybe cause of global warming and can hold birthing places earlier than those still flying during winter period.

this may be good news and bad news for us. good news is obviously related to the bird flu. since fewer birds are moving from one corner of earth to another corner, fewer chances for them to become virus carrier. the virus has less chance to contact with other animals and it has less chance to have mutation. so it is less offensive to human.

but ecosystem of not only one places has been changed since birds are normally at the upper part of the ecosystem. so that means one place will have less lower parts organisms and birds compete food with us. finally we may ned to hunt them as our food. but most likely environmentalists don't agree that. and at the other place where they should stay in winter will have much more pests. less food can be made and more people will get hungry.

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