November 24, 2009


  1. actually actors are quite well known, only hong kongers are lack of knowledge. of course you cannot get every 1st-class to play;
  2. maybe we expect a bit more, the movie actually is ok. but seems like the older twos are a bit better;
  3. every parents care their children. sorry for yuri;
  4. hope is for sissies. sorry for gordon, tamara;
  5. it’s normal to have rich on board as capital is needed and in order to make whole earth being unknown. of course murders are reasonable in this circumstance;
  6. USS JFK had been retired. they
  7. should use another aircraft carrier instead. btw why not use bentley a bit more;
  8. a bit too good for chinese; they don’t let remaining especially workers to come even for ancient chinese. their product may be in second class only. it’s hard to say every ship is in good shape after first wave of tsunami;
  9. where are the remaining arks? only three can pass through?

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