July 31, 2005

stuff i tested in cmatcl

plug, plug portion, sockets, adaptors:
(BS1363-1 and relative SS, MS standards) (BS1363-1 Clause 12) (BS1363-2 and relative SS, MS standards) (BS1363-3)

fixed luminaires (60598-2-1)
portable luminaires (60598-2-4)
light chains (60598-2-20)

terminal blocks (60998)

pump for integrated appliance (60335-1)
hair clipper (60335-2-8)
blender (60335-2-14)
coffee maker (60335-2-15)
hair dryer (60335-2-23)
battery charger (60335-2-29)
electric fan (60335-2-80)

plastic electrical conduits (BS4607, BS4662)

charger (61558-2-7)

radio frequency test for saso (II-02, II-43)

lots of IPX1, X2, & X4 tests (60529) for radio, fans, luminaires, etc

lots of material tests (60112 tracking; 60695 ball pressure, glow-wire; and needle frame tests)

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