July 01, 2005

live at brixton academy

on the public holiday of handover, finally finished watching dido's oncert on dvd (did something british on former british soil). my review (based on my old crt tv system - only dolby stereo 2.0 used):

  1. simple (only play; songs selection; & audio options in menu)
  2. plain (one clothes on 3 days concert? - even the musicians)
  3. at beginning, seems she didn't have enough preparation so i don't like the way she performed here with me. but afterwards i found she may wanna show there's a difference between album and live. so quite different tone used in different songs. some lower, some higher. and a lot more musicial equipments used
  4. every concert needs an encore section? seems every artists like their fans to call them back from the stage at the near end of the concert.
  5. i love the layout of the case anyway but it's not convenient to take the discs out.

anyway i like the set and any chance to come to asia (except japan) to perform in concerts?

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