June 25, 2005


i'm too busy these few weeks. one of the reasons is the hardworker is taking a leave to germany to meet her boyfriend who has just finished training there. another i think is to stop me to find another job. but last week bought some stuff and wanna talk about them one by one

1st is 7242, the third generation of the street sweeper of that size from lego. compared to 6645 and 6649. it has a figure less than 6645 but the design is more similar than 6649. however i think 6649 is the worst in these three. because of a less figure, poor design. 7242 uses the latest of lego bricks to enhance the outlook, and new painting on the figure. but a thing not really like is that the sucker cannot be well positioned because of the tube...

another bought is live at brixton academy dvd by dido but not yet have time to watch the full.

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