June 06, 2005

brief of my trip - day 2

after day 1. we woke up at 9:xx because the free breakfast provided was ended at 10:30. in real world, free stuff is not good. after breakfast. we started our journey again. this time we only walked to newton station and took mrt to the next station, orchard. we went to another shopping mall. that one is owned by run run shaw. and nearby are department stores mainly by marks & spencer and istean. after hanging around and met ball at china town. took tea at chinese restaurant and then went to the cable car station to go to sentosa.

1st we got off. bought a fan and cable car arrival centre but lost it (i think at sky tower). we spent some time at merlion (not the same as in raffle). saw some stuff in cinemania and sat on the shuttle bus to have a brief look of the beaches. bought some stuff and left.

back to orchard road and took the award winning chicken rice, and bak kut teh at chatterbox coffeehouse in meritus mandarin singapore hotel. it's the most expensive meal there. but it's very good.

ball then went to meet his friends at a bar but it's time for us to go back. luckily the big rain (much larger than amber warning in hk) didn't block us to back hotel with the cab.

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