June 12, 2005

brief of my trip - day 3

after two days of excitement, the last day was a bit dull. ball was busy that day so we did not bother him anyway. same as the day before, woke up around 9 and took the similar buffet breakfast at hotel's coffee shop.

with the suggestion of ball, we took mrt to little india with our luggage stayed at ground floor of hotel after checked out. after raining the night before, the sky was blue and the ground was extermely hot. even the view is especially good, and we wanna stay a bit longer, the weather beat us. so we took mrt to the next stop, china town again.

this time we nearly walked thru the town and ate braised shark's fin abalone & sea cucumber thick soup at tam kah shark's rin restaurant. and also bought some stuff there. we handed around the town and nearby building, got away my air alpha force, sat nearby when exhausted.

finally back to hotel and waited the shuttle bus to pick us to the airport. some northen europeans and two more hkers went ahead to the airport. checked in and walked around the mall. a bit trouble before the gate and stepped on the plane.

took off and hit the rain cloud nearby (not rain yet that time in singapore). sooner or later we took the supper and the light went off to force us to sleep. three hours and more, we were on the sky of hongkong, looking down we could see shatin, shing mum tunnel, our building complex (i know why we can hear and see planes so easily) and sticked into the clouds and clouds. finally landed and needed 10 min to taxi to the terminal. need a bit of time to get the luggage and took the bus. at home, family were watching tvb broadcasting star wars series.

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