February 21, 2004

bad luck & cold blooded

bad luck is about the fyp, & i am a cold blooded man...

i am following last year fyp from a graduated & my supervisor wanna punish the result on the paper. but how idiot is my supervisor. he could not find the result of a graph was fake even the real result on relative graphs was on the next page in the final report and he gave a- for the project. he asked me to improve it... that's a quite impossible job. do i need to cheat him?

at friday's night, i got home as usual taking mtr in kowloon tong station. i saw two foreign ladies (one over 40, another over 60). they were both carrying luggage. they should use lift instead of escalators but they stepped on the escalators. i just stood next to the old lady. she wanted to move down to join the younger one. however she cannot pull down the luggage. and i didn't have any action or realize something i should do until a true light school girl came to help her. suddenly i felt i am so bad and stand away immediately after the escalators brought me to the platform. what the hell am i?

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