January 31, 2006

lunar new year holidays

these few days for me were just for the time of rest while others were doing what should be done at this period. except sleeping, watching tv, playing aa, i still need to send job applications to various places and watched a movie, narina. and finished the first disc of all the way home.

narnia: it's ok but not as good as lotr (i don't mean the books, only the movies, and we should compare to those children books from j.r.r. tolkien). and disney's films in future without pixar (disney buys pixar and chicken little not as good as pixar's) should focus on those with actual humans but not animations (like pirates of the caribbean). let pixar dominate on animation business (dreamworks has lost its soul - paramount selling dreamworks library).

all the way home: shows the road of the corrs. they made me feel they lost a bit passion on making music after the success of talk on corners, dead of their mum, building their own family, and change of management of record company. so...

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