March 01, 2008

sea world explorers

this outsourced program shows underwater archeology enthusiasts to search for history located nearby. what they do is quite interesting and also show hk people also care things around.

but the program background search is a bit weak compared. like in episode three, saying usaf attacked japs in wwii. there was no usaf at that time, it was under army instead. and so general henry h. arnold was the only person to hold general of the army & general of the air force.

in the latest episode, a "historian" said if cheung po tsai was still in higher rank in the military after capitulation (he was dead in 1822 as said in the program), hong kong would not become british colony after first opium war. but the opium war was after 30 years from the capitulation, cheung po tsai should be too old to command a navy at the front line. what he talked seems a bit non-sense.

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