January 26, 2008


from this and this, microsoft (ms) is not dropping visual basic for applications (vba) yet.

even vba has some drawbacks like outdated (based on vb 6) and security issue, staying alive is good for many people as many macros (from word, excel, access to other programs) are written on it (not just me feeling happy, but also company colleagues).

but the move from ms still make many worrying. first is discontinuing support to other non-ms programs. and it's not available for latest office for mac '08 (that may stop people transferring from pc to mac!). the important is they are pushing people to use visual studio tools for office (vsto). the latest one needs you to use visual studio '08 pro or team system.

i do think vba will be faded out just like visual foxpro. but seems that many are still using vba and not many will buy a full set of visual studio just for office macros, the future of it is still a bit long (like win xp now or win 98 in the old days)

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