May 19, 2004

Interview @ Oriental Pluritec

it seems not big company, mainly becomes agent and services of selling foreign cnc machines, and their own brnad machine made in shanghai. 2 men (one should be future supervisor) interviewed me for half hours (longest)

they asked me about exam marks for some time (why to study assoicate degree before...) but not language. they also asked few technical, like what is cnc; what do you think what should be r&d (they make me feel just improve the speed of the machine...)

what will gonna do is that using two years to find out suitable or not in several areas: after sales service ~ furthermore maintenance which cannot be handled by mainland staff; translate menus..., purchase materials for own cnc machines, sales of the machine, and r&d. (including trainings overseas)

they said they will shortlist and may have 2nd interview at end of the month. then offer will be given...

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