May 28, 2004

the day after tomorrow

saw that with forrest in festival walk's amc

1st talk about forrest, his new job (after sales representative?) is in japanese firm (making mic with dominating market share) and he loves the job. no overtime, good supervisor... he said something that i haven't considered before. my mind is still as a student, should be worry and open-minded on job seeking...

now is about the film, it's produced by the one making independent day. but i think it's not so dramatic as independent day. good prediction of the future weather, blaming u.s. government about their environmental policy are cool. but some scenes are not good: why president is the last to leave washington d.c. how come the copters can fly so far from mexico to nyc to pick up people...

next week will have 2 interviews: kwonnie (with the help of the faculty) and hkbn

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