May 04, 2004

exam day 1


bad date, bad venue, bad memory

i know nearly all short questions but only worth for 50 marks (but i think i can only at most get 3x marks - just little above passing marks)

but for 2 long questions (25 each), damn. 1st one everyone sucks. that's ok. but the 2nd one, really forgot all stuff, shit. other can do it... god damn curl, god damn maxwell!!!! too late to remember, no time to write right stuff...

p.s. (23xx HKT)

met 7wing when coming back home. his voice is a bit husky. i think he didn't get enough sleep. he said he gonna have driving test tommorrow but still not faimilar to drive and afraid to fail... he got not enough training before the test (just like many others because of money). he said he's finding a new job. some jobs he applied are same as me but he got an reply for written test. Not ME!!! Why? sucking school email system? btw seen someone faimilar but not sure she is the one i know...

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