April 26, 2004

treat meal, hw, & couples

last sat, ivan and i treated steve an expensive meal in festival walk. today we (ben, carmen, florenece, ivan & i) treated bryan, duncan, and steve another meal in school's restaurant. don't know why they only chose few food. so all were hungry and needed to eat again at 4:30.

for the passive rf homework, this is the hardest one. even the two cleverest gave the wrong answer... i asked the lecturer and he said we should use matlab to find it...

when back home, i met the couples in mtr trains which i knew they have been together for a long time already. they are cow's. they played gba so they didn't discover me. finally i made them aware me when they needa transfer to another train. cow is still so handsome but his gf needs some facials.

i bought the book, "QE", as a gift for ball's trip:-)

P.S. chinese fake products are sold in whole countries except hongkong, macau, taiwan... recent one is making "big head baby". they drunk milke by low-protein man-made milk powder and make their head big, legs and arms short, thin body... they will highly be handicapied...

there are so many poor soldiers in iraq. they got badly armored. from newsweek's article, they are very poor... bad defense secretary... army should not waste money on making games (even i love to play) for recruitment. they should give their soldiers with more tanks... btw the ranger soldier who used to be us football star is dead... being a soldier is pride in front of people but this is bad if you don't get enough support

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