October 02, 2004

boss' marriage dinner

yesterday was the time for the dinner. he chose a restaurant next to boy scout's hk headquarters for the meal. we joined together at jordan and heard a giordano shop playing borrowed heaven.
we met the old workmates there and also the big boss. the child of another boss is so funny that even so brave to talk with the big boss. the restaurant is new and the tools (spoons, glass cups...) were quite dirty... but the food is not bad even not all are my favourite.
after dinner, we went to sing karaoke next to the restaurant until 3am. one mate seems to chase another but i don't know the end of the story... sang quite a lot of songs
took the bus to back home. 1st time to pay when got off the bus at mei foo and transfered to another. that one only had 7 passengers including me and the station i got off is the last before the terminus (covers whole upper kwai chung where aunt lives). back home at 4am... tired...
P.S. i will not wear the new shoes until a date just like those opening the case of blythe. the shoes are so cool... made in taiwan and it's the 1st time to get retro
wind blows like arrows, sky is grey. make me feel the 1st wave of winter. pls don't come so early. i love summer and autumn

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