September 05, 2009

lens of canon cameras

the said e18 error is always a nightmare for many users. for me, this problem makes a 3-year ixus 40 dead & now nearly kicked my 1-year ixus 860is to hell.

the ixus 40 problem finally made the battery closed to explosion (blowed a bit) and the fixing fee quoted by canon service centre can allow me to buy another good camera under other brand. but i still like canon so i get ixus 860us.

the problem of new one is it loves to switch on again even i shut it off and put into the case. & it makes itself out of order. when i took it out & found the lens rotated anti-clockwise for around 30 degrees. luckily method fix #7 mentioned in this blog post saved my day. but the rotation may already hurt some electronics inside, there are dead spots on lcd screen...

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