September 21, 2009

inglourious basterds

the layout is a bit like a book, starting with chapter 1, 2, 3. even the film is a bit spaghetti western and a bit violence scenes, the story is quite mainstream. you can say it is right in balance. btw i love the way to handle nazi

the guy acting colonel hans landa is really good. he can show how the colonel really does the job well & treats the job as a job instead of a crazy nazi.

both main actresses are pretty and it's a bit sad the jewish cannot have a happy ending. btw the last scene of her is just like a ghost.

another main actor, brad pitt, is cool in the film with that accent. but when comparing with colonel, i think something is missing.

obviously british is in a bad role in the film, the lieutenant nearly ruins the operations. even though he's good in german movie industry, he doesn't act as a german in other ways. and he wastes two local basterds and nearly makes the key person dead.

really hope hilter was dead in that way, so tom cruise will not die later.

p.s. don't know why german language inside the movie sounds much better than that i saw i youtube.

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