October 25, 2009

house so far

finally caught up the latest episode after going back home.

to see house to get away vicodin & hallucinations in psychiatric hospital really finds how his mind changes from resistive to cooperative without affecting his medical gut. and he finally finds a way to help people in a right way. the affair between him and lydia makes me think lydia is more attractive than cuddy and lydia is much fitter for house’s future. really hope lydia show in a later stage to fight for house. cuddy pls work a bit hard. :P

besides pls allow dr nolan to come back to further guide house. wilson is not strong enough to help house to go on as wilson knows the old devil house for too long and he is still sticking with amber.

it’s the right choice to choose foreman as the interim head as he had experience in mercy and he can use house’s angle to think. it’s a bit shock for the leave of taub, but i think his former colleagues find him back to the old field & kick him back. it’s normal for foreteen to separate and actually i like jennifer morrison more than olivia wilde.

what chase did to kill the dictator is reasonable as for his background. he was nearly a priest but he could not stand for his faith. his handling is still a mess now and should be an interesting point for coming few episodes.

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