September 13, 2009

e-statement by hsbc hk

in order to save more paper, hsbc hk will enforce using e-statement instead of traditional mailing very soon.

i still stand on traditional statement even it will charge me starting from 2011. this is because conversion of statement is quite different from that of other paper. especially when many places from government, public utilities, to financial institutions (even hsbc itself) still only accept traditional statement.

besides they only officially support on windows xp & internet explorer 6. win xp is going to be faded even it is still mainstream. ie 6 is even worse, microsoft already pushes hard to make users use ie 8 instead. and there are users using other systems (mac, linux, or mobile systems) with different browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, opera...). how can they use the service even if everywhere accepts e-statement?

pls stop this stupid move before everything is ok. pls don't flatter those environmental protection enthusiasts.


  1. I am looking for solutions to open e-statement by HSBC from my MAC using Safari.

    Any clue?

  2. mine running perfectly on tiger & Safari 4.0.3
    bear in mind to use hotkeys for print and save