March 13, 2004


everybody lives in dreams

my supervisor wanna publish a paper on my results even in theoretical his idea is just impossible...

my dad always wanna earn a lot of money but he doesn't know the right method, & waste in a fast way

my mum wants my dad... my sister to study science subjects, not naughty...

for me, i wanna have a good final semister, get a job.... so many!

P.S. so many agatha christie's books available in bookshops. i wanna buy some but don't yet finish those in my hands.

the corrs is gonna publish their new album, seems i need to waste some money

our favourite motorsport, DTM, has so many stars this year: jean alesi, frank biela, tom kristensen, emanuele pirro, bernd schneider, laurent aiello, heinz-harald frentzen... it's so good. we can see good races this year. hope tvb still buy the right to play freely

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