March 17, 2004

st patrick's day

monday, test on digital communications, as expected, not easy. but i think i can pass it. afternoon, made two new antennas, but found out today one has little problems. night, to a toy shop (cartoon figures) with a friend in tsuen wan. it's on the 2nd floor, quite small, with a smell of plastic. but found out some lovely figures... price... not cheap. so we didn't buy any

tues, measurement. not bad.

today, st patrick's day, not good luck but not bad for me. few careless mistakes. waste some stuff...

PS: 24 season 3 shown in hk. kim is a bit thinner & uglier. both she & michelle become sexier... story is a bit unreasonable, after nina, how come another spy in ctu?

finish another story agatha christie's book. next i read will be her masterplace, murder of roger ackroyd

& more corrs' new album details out, please check corrsonline

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