April 26, 2009

new flu outbreak

suddenly there is a new flu coming out and we should take more care on the incident going.

  1. it’s like the flu in 1918, i.e. young people are much more easier to be infected. so we should have a better living style.
  2. pros and cons compared to that in 1918.

    pros: organizations like WHO and more NPOs, medical development including genes, vaccines, and drugs; information circulation and alerts so earlier measures can be taken;

    cons: easiness for travel (mobilization / globalization); crowded living conditions in urban areas; fewer exercises / lazier and full of junk food.
  3. hope margaret chan not make mistakes like what she did in hk again.
  4. currently the deaths are still in mexico, and original outbreaks in there and mexicans populated southern part of the states, that may mean a. poor medial conditions there; b. virus is active in hotter & drier places.

may god bless us.

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