April 07, 2015

the imitation game

The last of the movies to watch in early this year and this is another British one. Luckily watched it before it is going to be removed from the big screen. The main reason in my list is the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch in sherlock and want to see what the difference is another piece of work. Another reason is I'm interested in nearly everything on WWII.

Eyebrows of young turning is so long. For viewers this is the key way to make him distinguish from other pupils in the school. His affair with Christopher really affected his whole wife. Even the machine is also named Christopher. Is really "Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine"? Only thing I can figure of is the concentration they can put when comparing to the normal people.

My memory of Keira Knightley is still back from Love Actually. She is much older here. BTW her last make-up after WWII makes me think of the one in The Duchess.

Another thing in the film related to Cumberbatch is the discovery of the breakthrough is so "House" which is derived from fictions of Sherlock Holmes.

I had a thought that there would be a cameo of Winston Churchill as he allowed the team to run smooth and the best chance was head of MI6 reading the work at Churchill War Rooms.

The handling method of the end was quite similar to American Sniper. Both are sad one. The words from Clarke could only extend Turing's life for one more year. What would happen if he stayed alive longer?

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