February 06, 2005

dinner for wests

yesterday morning i ought to be at home but still needed to work with a tired body so that minor mistakes occured. damn those workaholics, their life nearly is only work and sleep. please go to hell!!! the company sets a impossible target on a sliding market, even those workaholics felt tough...; their salary is lower than average in the business; our supervisor is not an easy-going guy; they cannot enjoy all the annual leaves they are allowed; and the most important thing is that is not their business!!! they get no shares. it's not worth for them to work so damn tough.

dinner with wests to celebrate birthday of cheng and fong at mongkok's 王家沙 and 西貢滿記 dessert (mongkok again). talked with dicky about those workaholics and we hated them! after that we took a look of mongkok's lunar new year fairs.

some pix:

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