February 20, 2005

after first day

after first day, damn things come

ot, ot, ot. due to poor management, those samples are already received over a month and nothing has been done. finally finds me, a n00b on that test to do it in a hurry. what the fuck!!! i'm gonna break down. this job needs both physical and mental energy and makes me tired everyday with so much ot. salary is not high and ot wage has been cut a lot. and finish the annual review. they said they have a high expectation but a bit not fully understand to teach people. this is because i learn only for the job, not for life. but i will learn a bit more than before leave if i'm happy at that moment.

my ipod shuffle is on the way. but i may need a cover to protect it. i've got some funny ideas about covers. ask me. (but there is something similar in the market...)

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