October 21, 2005


two interviews took my friday at kwun tong. morning one was from jardine onesolution. time was only wasted to fill the from but the interview was so damned fast. why? they said if you don't know PABX the salary will be very low. so i left there without any regrets. then i first searched where the company i was gonna interview in the afternoon was.

apm is a cool place in kwun tong to fill up my spare time. i put my remainin' hours and bookstore there until jimmy wokrin nearby joined me for the lunch. he said maybe there are specific classes in ive for pabx. and said it's a bit strange for the second interview that a pcb manu company to hire someone knowin' lan. we also think some of our classmates are very lucky to have a high salary job in this field with relatively few experience.

the staff gave me a test on electronics (typed BASIC) when i just came to the company for second interview). it's not basic for most of modern day electronic engineering graduates in hk (something talked in newsgroup suits the case that jimmy agrees, we know many but not specific). they asked the delays SPST..., to find out things in the schematic i know i'm not the type of person they wanted. any other fast interview then. the woman (i feel she's in sick) asked me why there were blanks on the tests, and what is your objective...

P.S. very good entry list for gula race. at least not too much slow atcc drivers (like last few years) blockin' behind

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