October 08, 2005

2nd interview @ nixon

yesterday i was used to be interviewed by senior and boss. but both were busy so only the senior had interviewed me.

he raised an question i'm always lack of, this job is totally different from previous one, do you have enough passion to do this job... ah...

more things known about the job is 5 and 1/2 days, not much ot. supportin' everything from computer system to installation (need to go to construction sites!)

still need to have one more interview from the boss.

later that night to join university mates for dinner for one of girls' birthday. one of us is gonna get married. he's the second guy doin' that within my age range (first the primary mate who has a 4-year-old daughter). i don't know whether it's good for him because i don't know the thing in deep. but as always i wish them happy future.

while back, other mates asked me why not doin' programming jobs which my skill is stonger than them. and also because the one interviewed is the same type as they worked as summer interins and they don't like that type of companies. i think first thing i don't like ot; second my mind cannot handle complicated stuff (i found that in later stages of both programming courses when the level of difficulty gettin' hard). but i need to get back from strength on programming for my own fun. and i know only little on that type of companies!

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  1. Thanks for ouyr telling!
    I am really foolish :(