October 13, 2005

stuff interested

  1. china's spaceship:

    even i hate communists, this spaceship is still a cool thing. first is full coverage in government site using traditional chinese. second is the good side of chinese people and products, if most of normal chinese can perform so good as the space agency's crews, china is not a devil place anymore.
  2. ipod 5th generation:

    that's "one more thing" from ipod series. at least apple knows there is something lack from the other portable multi-players (the same as other mp3 players), i.e. sources. they provide music videos, short animations from pixar (also from steve jobs), and also tv series! but as i always said, in hk we need an itunes music/video store before any further ipod release. and what will the 6th generation include? pda (new newton)? phone?...
  3. stuff to learn

    my old site used frame but it is not supported by host and it is not perferred in xhtml. so i need to fix it by implementing css. but i need to learn it from ground with not much money. and i'm trying to find something good on the net first (like wikibooks).

    another i want to learn further is java which i learnt in the college. luckily there are plenty of free resources and i have a book for old version.

    one more is putonghua. even cantonese is derived from the ancient chinese (like modern italian from latin), putonghua (a bit modified by communists from mandarin to ensure whole chinese especially not much educated farmers can understand. another move is simplifed chinese) is the common language for the coming future and i'm weak on it.
  4. something missed for a good job

    i got an interview earlier for a fastgoing foreign company (good future and working environment) but i failed to get the job. recently the company posted another job ad and i found an requirement more, i.e. proactive. i remember why they need it. the engineering director asked me how to handle a phone call when the client cannot log in webex from our company. but i could not answer well...
  5. wish list

    rome: total war - barbarian invasion
    sid meier's civilzation 4

    cannot find in local bookstore
    even i haven't finished east and west yet

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