December 10, 2005

wto really affecting my life

this week, i've got many interviews from every types of job. but i think not the same will happen in the coming week due to wto hong kong ministerial conference. the protests making seattle in riot when the conference held few years ago were emphasized and worries from the actions by korean farmers were become deeper and deeper in our heart. it seems that next week many other activities will be slowed down or halted, so we have to finish them this week or after the conference, including interviews, and i had chances to reach the offices of two tallest buildings here. maybe next week is a good chance for a cheaper holiday with a strong x'mas sense around the world. so you can see it may be not good for hong kong to hold controversial conferences. but will wto become another league of nations and war will be started because it fails to stop disputes over trading issues?

one of the interviewers had made a suggestion for my future. she talked to me that my score for ielts test can apply a master degree in warrick. but i don't have enough money and for this moment don't have a good proposal for me to apply. and the only one i know from warrick sets me back, that is my pure maths teacher. he should be the exceptional case from the university, from his english level, his manner, his teaching passion... so damn many.

p.s. agatha christie is the feature writer in causeway bay pageone

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