December 15, 2005

two-day temporary job

i'd applied a job of programmer at an agent company but it gave me a temporary job lasted for two days. the job is a technician for supporting it department in a catering company. and i needed to check the returned equipment repairable or not. besides, i needed to go to not yet opened new restaurant to set up computer. more often when computers in restaurants and cake shops are in trouble, i needed to replace them. those shops located in tsim sha tsui (closed to the department), mongkok, lai chi kok, and kwai hing. in total i checked few touch screen pos, few computers, and bill printers. and also i set up a computer and connected the modem into a phone socket. and also i replaced two leased bill printers and extended a power cord, replaced a usb to ps2 plug, plus a touch screen pos.

even the job is easy and should not need to overtime, i was still lack of luck. after the end of first day, i needed to cross the harbour to go to the agent to photocopy my bank book. when going home, so many people were waiting mtr to go and made me back home late around an hour. even worse was on the next day, the task is to replace the pos but the errors messages shown after the replacement. i needed to travel between the shop and the department and waited the software team to remote fixing the machine by uploading old data from old harddisk and setting in the new harddisk. so i went back home as late as the first day.

however some things are found. the floor layout of the company is not so good that two lifts have doors at the middle of the company and every departments have their own lock at the door. and the department i worked likes a garbage, i.e. the returned equipment are placed over the floor and people actually work at only one fourth of working space. they need to handle all tasks for hong kong and macau, shenzhen and guangzhou but with only 13 people while one is manager, two senior, three for telephone support. sometimes they have luck for not late handling tasks for more than seven days. people at the shops and restaurants love to find us to save them from computer failure, but they are worried whether any replacement is needed to be counted on their balance sheet.

btw on the first day when i was pulling sets of computers to not opened restaurant and waited my parnter to find out where it is, a foreigner was asking me any nearby museums. after telling him art and space museums and the location of them. he asked me a museum with the name i didn't know and i cannot find it in the list at lcsd site.

and when i was waiting for the replacement of pos, i needed to help the sales to handle customers request! i found a pair of young japanese couples buying cakes, the male looked like densha otoko (he held a japanese book and his hair cut is lmao) while the girl was dressed in style (could they be the real densha otoko couples?). and the sales were quite boring and asking me how to fix her home computer which is full of virus and they themselves used a bit of spare time to tell each other their im information.

the head of my working team told me that his teacher had told him if you cannot raise to management level in four years, you will be outdated as an electronic engineering graduate.

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