December 09, 2005

pork stock farms in hong kong

local pork stock farms in hong kong, which are located in new territories and source of our food everyday, may be disappeared in the coming future and replaced by mainland's completely with our "clever" government officials.

just the past tuesday, a tvb jade program has shown forseen troubles for our farmers from our government. the officials said hong kong is a small and high crowded place, even 40% of our land are country parks and three fourth are not developed.

besides hong kong is one of the places having japanese encephalitis disease. the japanese encephalitis is a type of virus which is caused by mosquitos carrying with the virus while pigs and wild birds are carriers of the virus. and hong kong is a hot spot of wild birds to take a mid-way stop.

one of the requirements which may be applyed to the farmers is no insects in the farms. but how can this happen in the environment with humans and stocks? the penalty is not small when insects are found and made people whose lives are dedicated to the farms frustated.

in the future, no more stock farms will be found here, and hong kong will only be a financial and logistics centre, after kicking industrial and agricultural work. the only thing we can change our future is we need to choose our government by our own hand, but not central government.

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