December 19, 2005

constitutional development 5.01

after the pressure of the protest on dec 4, our government finally responses the constitutional development. there are two key points in the amendment, first is still allowing appointed district councils members to elect new legislative council members and next chief executive. the other is to reduce one-third of appointed district councils members in the next term and need further discussion for the future reduction.

the amendment is so small and the effect is nearly none to the situation. actually in the legislative council most of the time the bills must be passed by both functional constituencies and directly elected by universal suffrage. this is a bit like the states-general in france before french revolution which functional constituencies represents the first and second class (mixed with some democrats now) and directly elected are the third class (with businessmen and local communists but over half are democrats).

but hong kong people are mostly migrated from mainland and the root is not so deep to the land. in these days they will only do the protest but not revolt (which central government is afraid of). so universal suffrage is still has a hope if the development still loses at the vote at legislative council.

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