December 21, 2005

small x'mas gift to polyu from nasa?

do you remember beagle 2? it is the lander of european space agency's mars express which was supposed to find life evidence in mars like rival rovers which are still operating after a martian year from nasa but no signals came back after it landed on 2003 christmas day. and it contains a tool for rock-sampling which was made by a hong kong dentist and the polytechnic university of hong kong.

news from reuters said (in english, in chinese) said nasa's mars global surveyor has found the track of beagle 2 on the ground of mars. details please check the reuters' articles btu at least beagle 2 had not been burnt during the entry of mars' atmosphere so that hong kong has landed mars (better than polar lander from nasa) and there's a chance to check it when people going to mars in the future. (for what i have known, the states will be probably the first to send people to mars like what they did for the moon. russia is a bit untrustful because of budget - even they don't have money to build new military ships. i don't count china for this moment because the skills they have are still lag from others even they are chasing quite fast but it's not sure for the future of china)

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