December 19, 2005

down down wto?

the sixth wto ministerial conference is finally gone. there are still discussions even our bishop zen arguing whether hong kong is a good place to hold the conference. i've expressed my view before and i wanna say something else.

i think wto is too powerful and controlled by only 150 ministers. their decision can affect the whole country faith. but without that power, how can the organization work? and seems that that is the only perform for developing countries to deal with developed even though their power is still much less.

subsidies can keep country the competition but i think it's a bad thing. taxes are wasted to support a small proportion of people for their wealth and they will not work for incrasing their quality or other good ways to fight against international competitors.

for those developing countries, first of all they need to improve the government quality in many ways. democracy is a good way but it cannot stop every bad things. it can expose weaknesses more easily so that people can have a good perform to kick out bad things and people. and the governments should help their citizens especially farmers to find their future but please don't order/push farmers doing the way just like planned. otherwise few years later any problem rises and they will be deep in trouble (like mainland farmers in inner provinces to grow flowers with the push of local officials but infrastructure and other things are not prepared). farmers are needed to face the truth that some of them will stay away farming to increase efficiency in the future anyway, at that moment government support for both sides is essential for this transformation.

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