December 14, 2005

world after outbreak of bird flu?

bird flu is now one of the centres of the news. this time the bird flu was discovered from my home town, hong kong, same as 1967 flu. it's pretty hard to think whether i can survive after the outbreak. but i want to predict the world after the outbreak.

  1. information freedom
    last time the outbreak of sars is due to the block of information by our mainland china government and this time they do the same for bird flu. before november, there were only deads of birds by the flu but no people died. but in nearby countries, there are also people deaths. and the hygiene of mainland chinese is not very good. it's not impossible to have no people deaths due to bird flu in china.

    to prevent this happening again, chinese communists will be overthrown since they cannot handle so many problems in china and hopefully the new government can stop the blocking of information so that the world can be free from any disease outbreak.
  2. war
    united states may not have enough power to be the only superpower and the failure of united nations, wto floats. many people died and productivity has fallen. the market collapses as people are afraid to work and shop. in order to lift up the people spirit after the decline of economy and getting more resources, militarism may come back by this opportunity, especailly japan. and even al-qaeda can use this chance to expand and affect the world balance.
  3. globalization/oursourcing
    globalization and outsourcing help the spread of flu because virus can travel from one continent to another by human travel. but the flu can only slow down the development for a moment. this is because outsourcing and globalization can maintain enterprise productivity as people are not limited resources if they can build factories or use people to provide services from other places. the limitation is only cost to set up factories or services, transportation.
  4. human contact
    if the situation becomes worst, there will be no more shopping to reduce human contact for preventing flu and property developers in hong kong are in deep trouble (they earn a lot from renting shops at shopping malls). people will all stay at home to use phone, computer or itv for shopping. in order to strengthen the body and for leisure, sports are needed but people need to wear masks to prevent flu. and equipped people are needed to deliver products bought from remote shopping.
  5. ways to prevent flu
    newer ways are needed to develop besides vaccines because vaccines is a too passive way to prevent flu. people may also need to change their mind so that they don't keep their children too clean in order to build their own self defense. even worse genetic moderized human will be born to prevent any flu to further damage human species.
  6. animals
    better studies are needed for relations between humans and animals to prevent any more virus transfer from animals to humans (like hiv, bird flu), or expose any unknown human/animals viruses so that we can better handle them earlier. and we need to track migration of birds more tightly to understand how they become virus carrier and the way how they got virus from poultry.

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