December 27, 2011

mission: impossible – ghost protocol

five years after the last one, i went to see it due to brad bird's brilliant stuff in pixar, the incredibles & ratatouille and the film doesn't break my glasses.

story is reasonable and also shows their gears do not always work! & that's a bit odd for jeremy renner to ask tom cruise how to escape from attacak in order to make tom believe him as an analyst instead of a field agent. ghost protocol... is just barely related to the story.

btw how come tom's female colleague is not beauty even this one is much better than the one in mission: impossible ii. on the other hand the female assassin looks much better and cool who really did the right job. checked she is a french and maybe the reason why to have this feeling in my head.

i like the character portrayed by anil kapoor rather than the one in 24. if there's another mission: impossible film, will jeremy renner be back?

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