December 27, 2011

last few months

finally finished assignment so have time to get updates. yup, i go to back to school (the same university i graduated) to study master of science in finance. part is for work while another is for my own.

but my health is not good after big changes in many things and need to regain. but progress is not fast at all. lucky still have some money to spend on stock investments. hope my choice is right and be fruitful later on.

besides study & work, i paid a lot to expand my stocks on lego. sometimes i have luck on getting special designs on minifigures series but more often i'm in bad luck... besides i got another winter set, 10216 winter village bakery, an year after it launched. in hk we can only get winter sets through official channel an year after.

only one cd was brought, speak now world tour live by taylor swift. she rocks for the whole year and that is a good collection of her performance for her tour.

tvb peral finally played shaun the sheep 2 but they played the xmas episode one month earlier to xmas. what a shame. btw home sheep home 2 is cool. wasted me some time to crack the levels. and now trying to finish torchwood miracle day within this year. but don't think have time to watch house...

journey of poirot is still in progress but in slow move. currently being struck at hallowe'en party which i had watched the tv version on sky above middle east (one of the favourite place of agatha christie)

lastly i'm typing in front of a new monitor after facing old one for 7 years...

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