July 17, 2011

lego city #3661 bank & money transfer

  1. rare – only 3 sets including this one are related to bank. this is the only one with theft & police to have a complete story;
  2. nice colouring;
  3. design of bank is mixed of modern (glass window) & 60s (sign);
  4. with safe inside;
  5. with ATM in details;
  6. with an impressive look of security transport;
  7. i love the thief’s motorcycle design. a few more we can have a motocross
  1. why is there no cctv? there is only alarm & staff wait for police car nearby;
  2. front top cover of security transport is very loose;
  3. police with hat cannot sit straight in his car;
    hat hit the roof...
  4. ATM still differs from reality;
    lego atm
  5. interior of the bank is too weak in order to emphasize the safe. and there are too many flowers;
  6. design of the safe is not safe enough. there is a big gap between ceiling & the top of the gate;
    gap between ceiling & gate...
  7. last but not least, in order to be environmental friendly, the box is made too thin. how can i pack the things up without breaking them completely?
P.S. why the driver of security transport is also a policeman instead of coming from private security firm?

&... am i so lucky or quality is really worse? another faulty part is received.
defect part again...

P.S. replacement is received

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