July 02, 2011

last 4 episodes for [h]ouse season 7

changes – i think it’s in quite traditional [h]ouse style except having too few clinic scenes. It had enough cuddy, wilson, the team especially thirteen (their new selling point). and even cg on medical is back.

cuddy’s mom actually loved house to be her daughter’s partner. they obviously had similar personalities.

and the team but not taub who was already miserable with his ex-wife were also miserable. chase wanted to be clean on sex before finding a new true love but failed. foreman wanted to show he is not controlled by house but also failed. thirteen was even more worse after her brother’s dead. she even said, “miserable is miserable, we are who we are, lottery is stupid”.


fix – luckily had arranged two patients (actually three) to make the episode at okay level. main one was typically detective drama way but handled badly. second one was from house & wilson gambling to fix huddy break up & it’s ok with that length of story. 3rd one was putting himself in real danger even he’s done a lot of dangerous ways before. but he should be fine or otherwise you cannot see him in the eighth season.

cuddy only made a cameo again…


after hours – seems like they need to bring few story lines together in one episode in order to make it attractive. this time the combination is quite nice. thirteen finally broke her own barrier due to murdering on her own sick brother with help from chase. taub faced the truth finally after all these years cheated his ex-wife rachel. he’s finally a man. house was stupid in order to get back his muscles. wilson was right on house but what he needed more is cuddy!


moving on – finally watched this over a month after it’s out … medicine for this season finale sucks. even layman can find the problem.

mental problem of the patient is a bit better. it was written that her mind was like house, but that part is not easy for normal audience to understand. both thought themselves miserable, but patient can pass thru it easily while that’s not for house

he told cuddy he was hurt and then said it’s not  your fault. so cuddy moved on and house saw she’s dating. he got mad and finally figured how to move on. that’s cut the connection completely.

so that’s normal for cuddy not to come back in next reason.

i don’t like 13’s hairstyle in this episode… but she will be much hotter in cowboys & aliens.

how will taub handle his babies? which one will be legitimate?


P.S. every computer in the show is now mac. but why not cell phones are also from apple inc?

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