January 17, 2010

the men who stare at goats

  • my mind of george clooney still sticks into the age of er. time flies a lot.
  • the script is quite funny but actually is a bit short. george clooney did a good job. there are too few cameos for kevin spacey especially he is in dark side.
  • it’s a tribute to star wars. they called themselves jedi warriors. the power they use has good & dark side. and use ewan mcgregor as one of the actors and how he learns the force. it is funny when george clooney to tell obi-wan what the force is (of course it is also funny after showing how to use the force to make cloud dissolved)! and finally ewan becomes jedi master again!
  • the film i think is saying something more, like job & family affair; vietnam war, hippies & drugs, internal politics of military, private contractors; operation iraqi freedom.

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