January 24, 2010

24 s8 4-8pm

    new CTU looks like the set used in la femme nikita. but armoury looks suck, like personal collection of enthusiast only. they used to use dell, now they use apple. the director tries to be cool & smart but fails.

    madam president is alone finally. daughter is in prison & her husband has left her.

    ethan is taking medicine…

    the journalist, who has an affair with president of irk, looks a bit like secretary of former president daniel

    kim really grows up. but is this good to let jack back to ctu? last time he was dead if without her help. how about this time? either jack or ortiz cannot survive after season 9. they are quite alike. & renee is even darker than jack, she cannot handle it.

    everyone keeps sayin, “damn it!”

    dana’s ex-boyfriend may be connected to russian guys in the jail… i believe her role will be soon replaced by chloe.

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