December 28, 2003

macau trip

one sentence for macau: a china town with little portuguese feeling & it's fading, even faster to become normal china town than hong kong...

we left hong kong yesterday around noon. the ship is fast. it can run 60km range only in 1 hour . but the immgration is so slow in macau side. & this feeling cannot leave our mind in macau nearly. this may be the slow living style of portuguese & mainland chinese. then we went to the hotel (hotel royal) to check in. it said it is a five-star class but we think it is not repainted after it opened. then we went to 大三巴. this is a miracle of the god. it used to be a church. after three fires, only the front not burnt & it becomes the symbol of macau. then we ate lunch (actually tea, but size of lunch) at a restaurant on 大街. the restaurant cooked much better than hong kong's. no msg is added. the owner gave a lot of name cards to us and she wanted us to promote her shop. then we visited 新馬路, 十月初五街 (nothing so special) and then casino lisboa. we won the backgammon and lost some at the 老虎機. but we still won some. dinner was at a "portuguese" restaurant at old town of 氹仔. it's not very portuguese actually. only one or two dishes are special.

we took a free breakfast buffet at hotel in the next day morning. then we went to the motorsport & the wine museums. the museums can only accept macau pataca... and all staff are portuguese. they know only little cantonese/chinese. the motorsport museum is small but still has some good things. we got a free drink in the wine museum per adult. so we had red wine, white wine & rose wine. white one was the best, having more fruit taste and less liquor. then we went to 新馬路 again and sat inside a starbucks at 議事亭前地 after the lunch in a small restaurant. we sat there for over two hours lazily and bought the gifts. mon then said we went to a thai restaurant for our dinner. and we walked thru 筷子基, then we ate at 黑沙環. dad said 筷子基 changed a lot after he came to macau before stayed in hong kong about 2x years. after the dinner, we went to the fier and took a early ship back to hong kong

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