December 19, 2003

exam finished

exam is finished, good!

before exam, fever nearly kicked me. but lucky it's over. and i applied the intern engineering of cathay pacific. any chance? i really don't know. and during revision period, my dvd-rom & cd-rw drive are down...

1st subject is enginerring in society. one word for it, remember.

2nd subject is lan. that's funny, because the lecturer gave an extra 'lecture' just the night before the exam, and the questions in the tutorials and in this lecture are exactly the same as the exam. he even told us the keywords which will be asked in the exam. another subject requested the memory.

3rd is wireless communication. my supervisor's part is quite ok even i only got 24 marks in the test. but another part is not so good. cheap lecturer, he cheated us. we (even our top guys) replyed on his hints because his poor teaching.

last is microwave techique. his hints and the hand written paper allowed did help. but the level is a bit harder than last year. many including me didn't finish the whole paper...

today 1st installed a new cd-rw drive. then i got my passport. it's wasting time. the effiency is so slow. our government should not cut the budget... finally get some chinese medicine to make me fully recovered from fever.

i'm writing the application form of icac. haha, trial & trial

i have bought the fourth agatha christie's book, and it's the 1st poirot book, "the mysterious affair at styles". and this is the 1st time i bought thru online, it's fast & the price is just the same as bookshops. i bought theu online because i cannot find any copies of that editon in bookshops. But one thing you need to remember, please use your id card name in the mailing address, otherwise you will have a bit of trouble! that's my case. because i weren't in home, i need to take it @ post office but i used my 'nick' name for the posting address...

tommorrow i'm gonna watch lord of the ring 3 even i haven't seen others before. how about µL¶¡¹D3? no one wants to watch with me

next tuesday from 7:30am to 7:30pm i'm gonna join the trip arranged by microwave techique's lecturer to visit three companies in mainland. let's see how strong they are...

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