October 26, 2010

house season 7 up to october

premiere – should it be a 3-hourr season 6 finale instead of putting it in season 7? at least two things could be put in season 6: huddy finally come together which means of many sex scenes, and there’s temporary leave for thirteen to allow olivia wilde to focus on big screen. anyway the team could still solve simple cases even without guidance of house. and we can see the new opening credit (old one) after change of casts (why not execute the option of showing cameron a little bit more). the episode is still ok except of too juicy.

2nd – many people may have the same feeling when your loved one is your boss / co-worker. and the story came to a sad ending which made me feel a bit like how amber died. in total, it was not so juicy as the premiere!

3rd – this one so far was the best one in the season. it came back to the root of detective story which it’s based. the patient who is a detective story writer is actually a tribute to arthur conan doyle & agatha christie. it showed how the mind of writers is and made us remember “everybody lies”. you could also hear famous star wars phrase from wilson,  “i have a bad feeling about this”, & dr cockroach’s  laugh as in monsters vs aliens by hugh laurie aka dr cockroach.

4th – it’s quite dull. huddy tried to do a step further while chase was too focus on finding a partner in personal rather on work

5th – it’s another sad case. rachel was cute. will there be any following on what had happened between her & house?. good job robert sean leonard, wilson was so funny in the first & this episode. And is this so hard to find a new member for house’s team?

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