June 12, 2010

will house end after season 7?

season 6 got many new tries, these includes:

but the ratings keep falling.

coming season opening follows last year’s style, 2-hour episode instead of one. even omar epps said the script cool and starts filming next week which means more time to fine tune, this year’s is difficult to get as good as last year. we had house in psycho hospital for treatment which was very funny & interesting, this year what we can expect is only the spark between huddy after being together.

and casts are another issue, olivia wilde is busy on movies and takes a long break from the show. jennifer morrison only returns for three or four episodes in this season. the feminine main cast now only remains lisa edelstein, which is very abnormal for the show. this is not show for military, it needs more women to make the show well balanced. and the key man, hugh laurie, keeps yelling to go back to england or end good. this seems the show cannot last long after he can win an emmy. actually not few shows end not long after winning emmy desperately, from friends to recently 24.

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